The Timbavati Foundation is actively involved in sustainability programs within neighbouring communities through tangible outreach and educational programmes as well as through social upliftment and community care projects.

Our Mission

The Timbavati Foundation, which was registered in 2010, as an independent Capital Trust Fund and has its vision firmly rooted in the spirit of Ubuntu.

The Timbavati Foundation aims to promote environmental and conservation awareness as well as provide tangible learning through in-field experiences. EcoChamp learners from their Focus Schools have the opportunity to further expand and learn through exploring the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve as well as visiting the Graeme Naylor Natural History Museum. Read more about it here.

Our Vision

The primary objective of the Timbavati Foundation is to reach underprivileged communities neighbouring the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve with quality environmental education, and skills-development opportunities as well as create sustainable & resilient livelihoods through their programmes.

The Foundation has four pillars to its focus:

Conservation and environmental awareness
Community upliftment and social care
Health care



People now have water due to borehole installations.

Child drinking
The Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

Students now have safe and hygienic toilets.


Schools accommodated annually at the Environmental School.

School netted gardens

Students benefit from veggie gardens for self-sustenance.


Environmental Education

Since the year 2010, the Timbavati Foundation has been actively assisting the communities neighbouring communities to the Timbavati where the greatest needs have been identified. These projects impact the local communities, schools and vulnerable families and citizens.

The Foundation has established relationships with over 64 local schools but engages actively within 8 focus schools. These focus schools receive weekly environmental education sessions and lessons which aid in supporting not only the development of the CAPS Natural Science Curriculum but also exploring a more holistic & worldly scope of environmental learning.

For a number of years, the Foundation operated from an exceptionally beautiful environmental school only 8km from the nearest community, however, the school has now evolved into a world-class tertiary training facility run by the MORE Field Guiding College which provides bursary opportunities to the Foundation annually to support youth development.

The Timbavati Foundation is now excited to operate from new premises called the Timbavati EcoPod Centre! This is a community-based environmental centre that invites learners and connecting partners to explore the wonders of their natural environment and engage in exciting learning activities with a beautifully crafted EE curriculum by Kids in the Wild!

Based on the performance of these learners during the EE sessions, the top ten EcoChamp learners are treated to holiday program excursions such as visits to the wonderful Koru Camp, the Hoedspruit Reptile Centre and game drives in the magnificent Timbavti Private Nature Reserve.

Timbavati Foundation


Quality Education and Environmental Awareness:

Environmental Outreach Program

Connecting to 8 focus schools to deliver quality environmental education.

Organic & waterwise perma-gardening

Educating learners on how to create climate resilient vegetable gardens at schools.

Recycling and upcycling initiatives & projects.

Learners are encouraged and taught how to recycle and upcycle their waste at school. Creating art projects from upcycled recycled waste.

Tertiary bursary opportunities

Connecting youth to further opportunities thanks to our partnering tertiary institutions.

Social development, upliftment and care.

Wildflower Women's Program

Educating, enriching and empowering the lives of rural school girls through washable sanitary towel activations, women's health talks and creation of a safe space for livelihood development.

Building & installing safe enviro-loos

Providing a safe, clean, eco-friendly toilets for underprivileged rural schools.

Health Care Organisation Support

Financial support to like-minded health care organisations such as Hlokomela and Tshemba Foundation.

Water security & food security support

Providing shade netted gardens to selected beneficiaries to assist in securing a reliable source of fresh produce. Borehole assistance is provided should water not be available.