lion - big cat

A Week Of Cats

The Timbavati is an open system. What this means is that anything can move between the Kruger National Park and the Klaserie through the Timbavati. This wildness is the magnetic appeal of a reserve such as this one. However, it also means that some days can be quieter than others. At the beginning of this week, we struggled to track lions, but luckily as the weekend draws nearer, these big cats have returned to their territory.

Capturing cats

Not that it is always about the big stuff, especially for Luke who loves to photograph some of the more unusual things, but there have been some great “big cat” photographic opportunities in the last few days. The hyenas also continue to dominate certain areas of the Timbavati and are especially prominent around camp. They call all through the night and make it difficult for resident leopards to hold on to their prey.

An incredible highlight this week was the young male leopard who had been hanging around Tanda Tula Safari Camp. He walked casually across the deck while the guests were enjoying a lawn dinner. To top that Monday night off, Civilized was walking his guests to their room after dinner when the same leopard jumped out in front of them and successfully caught a mongoose! Definitely reminding everyone that it certainly is wild out here, and we have to keep our wits about us at all times!