water supply

Water supply at schools

Water projects to introduce water supply have been implemented at both Funjwa Primary and Maphutaditshaba High School.

Maphutaditshaba High School

This past year our main Project was to supply the above schools with a decent water supply.  Maphutaditshaba is in the Green Valley circuit and their lack of water was not only affecting their gardens as well as their vegetable production for their kitchen, but there was no fresh water for the students as well.

Their borehole was malfunctioning and therefore there was no water for drinking or kitchen preparations.  They wrote to the Timbavati Foundation and we helped them by replacing the pump and motor, as well as the control box.  We are thrilled that they now have enough water for their needs.

Funjwa Primary School

The Funjwa Primary School, situated in the Green Valley Circuit has had a malfunctioning borehole since December 2015.  They wrote a proposal for assistance to us at the Timbavati Foundation.

This water shortage affected their large Vegetable Garden and the nutrition program.  We replaced the submersible pump, installed the correct size piping and this photo below speaks for itself.