The values of Makanyi Lodge

Makanyi Lodge is one of the much-loved lodges in the Timbavati. The warm hospitality that has been a priority of Makanyi since its opening in June 2015 is founded in a deep set of values. The Timbavati is a prime game-viewing area that provides incredible sightings for guests. At Makanyi, they understand that the land belongs to the animals first and foremost. Here, we share the values of Makanyi Lodge to better understand the heart behind their venture.

Values of Makanyi Lodge

Makanyi describes themselves as  much more than simply a safari lodge. Their intention is to create an environment that embraces a fuller understanding of nature and a deeper respect for animals. Visitors that leave Makanyi leave with far more than  brilliant photographs, but with something eternally special in their hearts.

The vision of Makanyi is to share their experiences and sense of wonder with their guests. They believe that tourism is to be coupled with conservation and community in order to create awareness and ensure a sustainable environment for future generations.

A visit to this awarded lodge is more than just a holiday destination - it is a way to expand your horizons. As committed custodians of the Timbavati and it's wildlife, they have a special energy for the ongoing fight agains rhino poaching.

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