Unique Bush Walks at Bateleur Safari Camp

Safari lodges across Africa offer authentic wildlife experiences and multiple activities, however not many camps offer unique bush walks. Bateleur Safari Camp boast highly skilled guides and experienced trackers who are specialised specifically for bush walks. They are fast becoming one of the leading walking safari destinations. As a result, guests can appreciate a guided walk and encounter many celebrated fauna and flora while on foot - making for great game viewing and sightings. 

Unique Bush Walks

Bateleur Safari Camp doesn't emphasise all of its focus on game drives with the option of a short walk after brunch. Instead, they offer this activity as an alternative to a game drive. The experience can range from 3 to 4 hours. In this way, Bateleur allows the opportunity to experience the wildlife and surrounding nature on foot.

What to expect

Bateleur Safari Camp is a popular destination for guided bush walks. Here, guests are led by qualified and armed rangers. These walks are not only for sighting animals, but also to gain more insight about their habitats and nature itself. There is a lot to digest while you're out there exploring the territory of the African wildlife.

A guided walk explores the environment on a more intimate level, sharing the same space, paths and waterholes of the wildlife, and observing how their daily routines unfold. You'll track and trace various animal footprints in a quest to find and engage with them further. Bateleur boast a rich heritage of wildlife including regular sightings of the Big Five as well as the Wild Dog.


Flexibility is a a key factor within the operations of Bateleur Safari Camp. They offer a variety of activities and itineraries in order to best accommodate their guests. Therefore, they go the extra mile to make your visit as memorable as possible, ensuring that the guests get exactly what they came for - a true African adventure. Bateleur prepare themselves for both first time African safari travellers and regular guests.

Bush walks allow people to examine the finer detail of the landscape to further expand their knowledge on the natural environment. Having the option and the opportunity of a bush walk under the watchful guidance of expert rangers and trackers makes for a special and rare occasion. An experience never to be forgotten.