The Bushbuck

Believe it or not, bushbuck are considered to be one of the most dangerous members of the antelope family. Their horns are extremely sharp and if injured they can become fierce and rather threatening.

Having said that, they are not a common species and tend to be shy and elusive, being mostly a solitary breed. They are however occasionally found in pairs. Bushbuck do not have a territory, but rather a “home” area and are active mostly in the early morning and evening.

Researchers have found that in areas with few inhabitants these antelope tend to be mostly nocturnal, whereas in places of human habitation they only move around during the day. These beautifully elegant russet coloured antelope are mainly browsers although when forced they will supplement their diet with any other plant matter that they can find.

The drought that we are experiencing in the Timbavati at the moment is forcing these animals to find alternative food sources constantly. Luckily for the bushbuck it is this ability to adapt their diet that will see them survive the dry spells.