September At Umlani Bushcamp

Spring has finally arrived in the Timbavati bush but the drought is far from over.

"I believe there is no sickness of the heart too great too great it cannot be cured by a dose of Africa. Families must go there to learn why they belong together on this earth, adolescents to discover humility, lovers to plumb old but untried wells of passion, honeymooners to seal marriages with a shared sense of bafflement, those shop-worn with life to find a tonic for futility, the aged to recognize a symmetry to twilight. I know this all sounds a bit much, but if I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa."

- John Hemingway

We have had the odd bit of rain every now and then, but apart from a few flowering Acacia and Cassia trees, it still looks like we're in the middle of winter. Despite this, sightings have been amazing with us seeing everything from wild dogs to mating leopards.Take a look at our September highlights to see exactly what we got up to...  Click here to read more