On Track @ Bateleur Experience

The On Track Experience

The On Track Experience @ Bateleur Safari Camp has been described as a life-changing experience that will motivate you to challenge your mental framework.

Appealing mostly to corporate management teams, leaders and businesses in general, On Track @ Bateleur has also been seen to be extremely advantageous to individuals with a dependence on, or addiction to technology.

The overall aim is to convey crucial business and life lessons to participants. It is housed at Bateleur Safari Camp, an extremely comfortable and relaxing environment. It has proven to be the ideal location to facilitate the central theme of the course which is tracking big game in a prime Big 5 open system.

Callie Roos and Andreas Liebenberg

Guests could not ask for two more experienced and equipped individuals to lead them through this experience than Callie Roos and Andreas Liebenberg.

Callie is a renowned motivational speaker as well as a business and life coach. Andreas is the owner of the stunning Bateleur Safari Camp and one of only nine Scouts in South Africa.

A unique experience

Several On Track Bateleur experiences are offered every year on fixed dates. However, on-demand On Track Bateleur Experiences can be organised for groups, subject to availability. The experience for each group will vary accordingly but the main themes remain the same throughout.

A day will typically start at sunrise every morning - be it on foot in the African bush or on the open-vehicle whilst on guided game drives. Additional activities include basic astronomy, bushcraft and survival, tracking and approaching the Big 5 on foot. Evenings will be spent around the campfire engaging in discussions and sharing stories. This time can be used to reflect on the experiences and activities of the day. Should the weather permit, at least one night of the Experience will be spent sleeping under the stars. This can be a truly life altering experience.

The intention is that all participants will learn a great deal from the nature around them. Furthermore, the hope is that they will be able to transfer these lessons onto their personal lives and businesses.

For further details regarding this experience and all involved please visit the On Track @ Bateleur Experience website.