On Safari With Luke Street

This week, the images Luke has chosen are real works of art. They shine a small shaft of light onto the secretive world of animals in their natural environment.  The close-up images make the pictures very personal - we are not used to being watched by the prey. This is the feeling created with the pictures of both the hyena and lion, their eyes are on us. As their eyes look back at us, it is almost as if they are assessing us, as we assess them.

The game viewing this week in the Timbavati has been fabulous. There have been plenty of elephants moving in and out of camp dam at Tanda Tula Safari Camp during the day and morning, as well as evening Safari's which have been very productive. September is always a great month for seeing animals, and so far it is living up to its reputation!

Top Shot

Luke’s favorite photo of the week is the one of Marula, the female leopard, yawning in the early morning light. Just like the leopard, it is a human trait to stretch and yawn when we rise. As onlookers, we immediately connect with the image, we can empathize and relate. Luke tries to capture images which reflect the moments that often touch the emotions of the guests while on safari at Tanda Tula and this leopard picture is a prime example.