New Life at Tanda Tula

Recently, the guests at Tanda Tula had a truly rare and amazing sighting. While the guests were on a morning safari, they came across a mother giraffe who had seconds earlier, given birth.

There she was with her tiny (or not so tiny, as the case may be) 6 foot tall  baby. Giraffe’s give birth standing up so that as the youngster drops the two meters to the ground, the umbilical cord snaps and the baby can take it’s first breath. Young giraffe are very vulnerable when they are first born, even though they weigh over 100 kgs. Because their legs are so long, their centre of gravity is very high and so they are extremely unstable on their feet.New-Born- panda tula

For the guests as well as the guides who were lucky enough to witness this incredible experience, it was really something special.

To read about a personal account of this beautiful experience, take a look at Luke Street’s website:

He took these beautiful images seen above.