Makanyi Safari Lodge launch their new experiences

Here we share one of the blogs from Makanyi Safari Lodge, where they fill us in on their 'Experience Week' launch. This is followed by gallery of beautiful pictures taken at this exclusive and tranquil lodge highlights.

The award winning Makanyi Lodge in South Africa, is pleased to announce its new “Experiences” for its guests. Located in the southern sector of the Timbavati, it is in an area of prime game viewing. This lodge offers more than just your typical safari. Those who hire out the 16-person lodge for exclusive use, are able to create their own bespoke safari experience. They now offer programmes consisting of Energise, Photographic Safaris, a kids Bush’Ed and Experience South Africa.


Guests can tailor their Makanyi stay to focus on health and wellbeing as well as providing a retreat to heal the mind and soul too. Activities such as yoga, HIIT, healthy eating and spa treatments are available to all guests. The bush is renowned for being a very calming and spiritual place for the mind and body to switch off and fully engage with the natural surroundings.

Meditation, mindfulness and consultations with nutritionists and Makanyi’s very own fitness expert, Yvonne Wake, are also offered at Makanyi. Not only do guests have an opportunity to watch incredibly beautiful wild animals living in their natural habitats, but also the sounds, smells and sight of the sunrises and sunsets are simply enough to realign and rebalance each person that visits the sensational Makanyi Lodge.

Photographic Safaris

Makanyi’s professional wildlife photographers are available to accompany guests on safari. They are willing to give their expertise, advice and knowledge on taking photos of wildlife in differing lights on the plains of the Timbavati, home to the “Big Five” as well as the renowned, albeit elusive White Lions. Guests will be taught camera settings, lighting, and editing at all levels, to take the best pictures in the most incredible setting.


In addition to the above, Bush'Ed is an educational programme for children. Here they can learn about conservation, survival skills, and tracking animals. They are also given the opportunity to fish by a peaceful dam, or learn about the astonishing solar system. These activities are done with a ranger as a guide to the beautiful sights completely free from light pollution. They can see the stunning constellations of the Southern Hemisphere and enjoy an unspoilt view of the Milky Way.

Experience South Africa

Makanyi offers special excursions for their guests to nearby attractions, such as the Blyde River Canyon. Indulge in a luxury South African wine tasting evening or craft gins, panorama tours and much more. All the best experiences to fully delve into what South Africa has to offer.