Makanyi Lodge introduces the first electric safari vehicle in the Timbavati

Makanyi Lodge have recently become the first lodge in the Timbavati to take ownership of an electric safari vehicle. This is an exciting new technology that we hope to see more of throughout the whole of the Timbavati. We believe this is the future of sustainable safaris and are extremely proud of Makanyi for taking the first step.

Makanyi Lodge took the opportunity to convert one of their Land Rovers into an electric vehicle and couldn't be happier with the outcome. They are looking to increase their fleet of electric safari vehicles in order to continuously reduce their carbon footprint. They are always looking for ways to conserve the environment and that is why they've gone the extra mile in going green with one of their vehicles.

Facts about the electric safari vehicle

Firstly, the vehicle is an original Land Rover Defender that has been converted into an electric safari vehicle. The average speed recorded was 55km/h which is above the average speed for games drives. The vehicle has a 100KW motor and can get a range of up to about 160km.

In terms of performance, the vehicle outperforms the conventional safari vehicle. The vehicle has been through comprehensive testing where it drove through the riverbed terrains, rocky paths and soft sands. The outcome was outstanding and as a result, the vehicle passed with flying colours.

An electric safari vehicle experience

Electric safari vehicles are exceptionally quiet and provide a smoother vehicle experience. Due to the vehicle being so silent, you will be able to hear distinctive animal callings, bird sounds in the bush and predator alarm callings. This makes tracking the animals a lot easier and enhances the safari experience. In addition, there are no vibrations. This sets the scene for phenomenal game viewing, photography and videography.

From a game ranger's perspective, it changes the way he/she can communicate with his/her tracker and guests, thereby making it easier to engage. Finally, and most importantly, the vehicle has not had an impact on the way that animals react and behave around the vehicle. They are just as relaxed as if you were driving the conventional safari vehicle.

We are excited to have this vehicle within the Timbavati and hope to see an influx of electric safari vehicles. Going green has major advantages for the environment, especially in the direction that sustainable tourism is heading. Makanyi Lodge is determined to convert their entire fleet to electric in order to establish the true advantages of an electric vehicle.