Lunch With A View

It is not everyday you get to eat lunch up close and personal with a hippo, or a herd of buffalo, but if you are lucky enough to have lunch in the Tanda Tula bird hide anything is possible.

We usually reserve this secluded little spot for a meal for guests who have something special to celebrate. It allows them the time and privacy to have their lunch or dinner overlooking our camp dam. You never know who may join you. Any animal can unexpectedly appear and often incredible sightings have taken place (although not all the guests enjoy the visitors with teeth)!

Recently a honeymoon couple were enjoying a private dinner in the hide when some nearby lions started to roar. The guests very quickly decided they would rather eat in the safety and comfort of the camp with the other guests.

This is a very special location, and guests who have been fortunate enough to experience some time here often rate it as one of the best parts of their stay.