interesting hippo facts

Did you know these 5 interesting hippo facts?

Motswari loves hippos and their complex nature. Although they may appear docile, they are actually quite dangerous. Witnessing one of these semi-aquatic animals in the wild is a very special safari experience. On Motswari's latest blog post, they share a few interesting hippo facts to further appreciate these magnificent beasts.

Interesting facts hippo facts

  1. The closest relative to a hippopotamus is a whale, despite the origin of the Greek word meaning "River Horse". They are unable to breath under water but their solid front legs (which have no marrow) weigh the hippos to the bottom of the river/dam. This allows them to run along the bottom.
  2. Although herbivores, hippos have been known to kill the second highest number of people in Africa.
  3. In order to keep hippo calves protected, they are able to suckle underwater.
  4. Hippos have a four-chamber stomach. This physiology allows them to spend more than 15 hours in the water while their stomachs digest their food.
  5. Each cow (female hippo) moves away from the pod and chooses her own favourite place to give birth. It is not uncommon for the bull (male hippo) to be aggressive with new-born male calves.

These interesting facts are just the introduction to a fascinating species.