civet tracks

Secretive Civet

The civet is a solitary nocturnal animal that moves around at night in search of food. A civet actually has 5 toes on both the front and back feet even though only 4 toes show on the track. The first toes are set so far back that they do not actually touch the ground and hence are not visible. On some civet tracks, the claws are visible. But unfortunately, the sand was quite soft here and so they cannot be seen clearly.

Learn more about the civet

Generally, civets are classified as omnivores. Their diet includes eggs, carrion and plant matter and they are even able to eat poisonous snakes. They detect their prey by using their hearing rather than actually spotting it. These rather beautiful, but ungainly looking, creatures stand around 70 cm tall. They weigh on average 12-15 kgs, they have heavy, disproportionately large, hind quarters. A beautiful black and white spotted and striped coat has a crest of hair along their spine which stands straight up. On night safaris at Tanda Tula we are fortunate and quite regularly have sightings of these shy animals.