chef ryan

The Kitchen Boss

Ryan Mullet, Executive Chef at Tanda Tula, started his love affair with food when he was a child in the kitchen, baking biscuits with his mum. This childhood afternoon activity became a serious passion as he got older. He realised that he had to spend the rest of his life in a kitchen, creating dishes and sharing this food enthusiasm with others. So, at the age of 19, he started his culinary journey.

Anyone who has stayed at Tanda Tula Safari Camp will vouch for the incredibly talented chef he has become. He is constantly creating dishes that delight and thrill the guests who visit us on safari from across the globe. It is without a doubt that Ryan is also one of the most popular members of the Tanda Tula family. Everyone who stays and eats his incredible food also enjoys his slightly strange sense of humour. Most of all, they are taken by his undeniable passion for what he does.

Ryan loves the freedom of working in this camp. It allows him to magically combine his love of Asian and Italian flavours in an unconventional and delicious way. He can have a more personal approach, and he loves his interaction with guests at most meals. With all Ryan’s culinary creativity, he still admits, with a laugh, that his last meal on earth would have to be chocolate!