Safari Lodges

Some good action taking place in and around camp that gets your adrenaline flowing!

To start off: Frequent sightings of large herds of elephants grouping together to have drink at the small watering hole in from of camp.

Watching them play & dig for water in the riverbed, hearing the deep rumblings and loud trumpeting while scrambling for a spot to drink! Untitled-1At night the calls of the spotted hyena, side stripped jackal and leopard while sitting around the camp fire, takes you to another place, and you think - this is AFRICA! When lying in bed listing to the rustling of the house Honey badgers saying hello! What more could you want? One early morning around 04h00am the silence of the bushveld night was broken when a pack of wild dogs pulled down and killed an impala about 10 meters in front of one of our tents, the hyena’s heard the racket and they came in charging and laughing /growling and took the meal from the wild dogs! A few weeks after the wild dog vs Hyena evening, we had a heard of buffalo drinking at the small watering hole in front of camp.

  090This month the lack of rain has really started to bite. The bush is very dry and it has meant that game viewing has been excellent as the animals focus their attention around the remaining waterholes – this of course includes Marco’s Dam and our waterhole opposite the bar. It has meant that our guests can sit back and relax with a cool drink on our deck and before too long they will be rewarded with animals coming to drink – or in the case of a group of 13 grumpy buffalo – sit right in the middle of the waterhole scowling at any animal – including elephants – that dare approach! It has been the amazing site watching  interactions between different species – especially with the buffalo dominating the waterhole. Whilst the Big 5 has been seen regularly on our drives this month I would like to focus on the hyenas. We were delighted to see two new, very black pups tottering around a new den site close to camp. This means that in a few months’ time there will be two more ‘naughty’ hyenas joining the rest that come into the camp nightly in the hopes of scavenging for scraps (usually without success as we try not to encourage this and have an efficient food waste disposal system) or chewing the odd chair or cushion! Another very rare incident witnessed by our guests was four ambitious hyenas trying to kill a well protected young elephant calf. They really tried hard – this was very unusual to see- but the outcome was that the elephants successfully defended their baby. However, as a consequence, this particular group of elephants understandably has become extremely sensitive to the presence of hyenas. We know that they are around camp when we hear lots of screaming as the elephants are chasing the hyenas!