The month of April is one of my favorite months as it celebrates the start of the cooler months ahead. The colours of the bush are so vibrant when the morning dew finds a spot on the vegetation which enhances the colour of trees and grasses. The bush is still very green and the grass quality and quantity is still in abundance, making winter feeding for the grazers and browser good.


What a marathon of a morning! All the Motswari guides seemed to split up across the reserve, each checking a different area. Other than some general game, the morning started off quite quietly. Then, Shadrack called in two young


We are fortunate to have a large dam close to Shindzela, and during summer months we often witness elephants thoroughly enjoying themselves in the water. It is fascinating to watch them play and swim.

With the heavy rains we had during January, the dam is still rather full and deep, so the elephants are often completely submerged. It is amazing to see just the tip of a trunk sticking out of the water.