Buffalo Soldier

The Cape buffalo, also known as the African buffalo are considered, rightly so, to be one of the most dangerous animals in the African bush veld.

These large bovine’s are found either in big breeding herds or in small bachelor groups. They are highly unpredictable which is why they are so threatening.

Buffalo are not particularly fussy when it comes to habitat and are found in swamplands, grasslands and also thick bush. However they do need to drink every day, so a water source is important.

Although herds will cover large distances in search of good grass and water, the older bachelor groups tend to stick close to one particular water source where they find good grazing and can wallow in the mud to keep flies at bay as well as regulate their body temperatures. When herds of buffalo move through an area, they mow the grass, leaving the shorter grasses for more selective feeders. Once an area has been depleted of good grazing grass the buffalo will move on.

buffalo - tanda tula