Get creative with art on safari at Kings Camp

Surrounded by exquisite landscapes, vibrant wildlife and breath taking views, it is no wonder that the Timbavati is an inspiring place to be in. Warren Cary hosts exciting workshops of art on safari at Kings Camp and provides a great opportunity for enthusiastic artists to explore their creativity.

Who is Warren Cary?

Warren Cary is a well-known and celebrated artist in South Africa. Based in Hoedspruit, his art is a beautiful reflection of his surroundings. He draws inspiration from the amazing nature and wildlife of the Kruger National Park. His passion is mirrored in his drawings.

His preferred mediums of pastel and graphite pencil allow the detail of fauna and flora to become almost life-like.

Options for your art on safari at Kings Camp

There are two options for your art on safari experience at Kings Camp.

  1. Daily 3 hour sessions in a 'studio environment' at the lodge. Warren will guide the use of pencil techniques, textures in nature, tonal changes, perspective, composition and focal points, and drawing exercises.
  2. A dedicated game vehicle will drive art safari guests to different spots and landscapes of particular beauty and interest. Safari guests are accompanied by a guide, a tracker and Warren. The art safari vehicle navigates the bush, taking time to observe different elements in the bush. Warren will share insight on these drives before returning to the lodge for the 3 hour workshop.

Guests do not require a certain level of skill or interest to take part in the safari. Are you a creative explorer ready for a journey?