A tribute to Lions

On the 10th of August World Lion Day was celebrated across the globe. This notable day was founded by Big Cat Rescue, the largest accredited sanctuary dedicated to cats. Individuals worldwide now have the opportunity to pay tribute to the mighty lion in as many ways as possible.

Celebrating World Lion Day

In honour of World Lion Day, Tanda Tula Safari camp chose to celebrate these endangered predators with a selection of beautifully captured images by Luke Street. This strong, independent agile creature truly does induce a sense of awe and amazement from the human race like few others in this world.

Sadly the greater lion population is at threat. This is mainly due to human encroachment, which has brought about habitat loss as well as poaching and unsustainable hunting practices over centuries. With only an estimated 20 000 lions roaming the African plains, this is a huge contrast to the once 200 000 from just over a century ago. Lions are a fundamental part of the ecosystem as a whole and a cornerstone to any African Safari getaway.

Seeing these powerful creatures up close is without a doubt one of the most spine tingling experiences. It is even more so when they let out their great roar. This immense, vibrating sound can be heard up to 8 kilometers away.

Incredible lion sightings at Tanda Tula

Not only did World Lion Day come about to increase awareness for these majestic felines, but for them to be celebrated and appreciated throughout the world. It is essential for lions to have natural areas in which to roam freely. It is due to the committed and tireless work of many individuals, that this is being achieved.

At Tanda Tula our guests are treated to incredible sightings of various lion prides. The prides roam freely between the open region of the Kruger National Park and the Timbavati. The changes within the prides dynamics are constant, thus heightening our guest’s experiences when presented with a lion sightings. To learn more about these changing dynamic read Chad’s blog: Lion dynamics at Tanda Tula.

Let’s look back on this important day and take the time to fully appreciate these spectacular felines. It's important to continue to do whatever it takes to protect the lion species in order for them to thrive.