A Ranger’s Diary

It is often said that the last drive of a guests’ visit should be a cracker, but if I am honest, I find that it seldom ends off as well as I had hoped.

Chasing the experience

Luckily for me, last week Wednesday morning was just the perfect way to end my guest's stay – a difficult task considering the lovely viewing we have enjoyed the last four days. But then I guess any drive that starts with wild dog chasing impalas right past your vehicle before you have even started the drive is going to be a good one! We only had one dog that gave up the chase when the impala ran into camp, but then it went to have a drink at Marula Pan before trotting off looking for the rest of the pack.

Andries saw three dogs, but we never managed to catch up with them again. We also had giraffe and elephant as we followed the lone wild dog. Carrying on, we then managed to find Ntima male walking around not far from where he had eventually finished his kill and we followed him until he settled on the banks of the Sohebele riverbed.

A little bit further we ticked off zebras, impala, and waterbuck, some more elephant bulls and then spent some time with the hyena clan at their new den site in the west. It's not a great sight for photography, but it does give a much more open view than the previous den. The guides in the south had picked up the two Mbiri male lions moving north, deeper into our concession, and with the chance of seeing lions in the daytime, I opted to head south to see them. The journey south was actually rather quiet, with only

The journey south was actually rather quiet, with only impala and steenbuck showing face, but it was worth it to satisfy the guests' request of seeing some lions in the daylight, and with these young males at least sitting with their heads up, it was a nice sighting that we got to enjoy before making the trip back north to the lodge. We passed impala, an elephant bull, kudu bulls, buffalo bulls, a nice breeding herd of elephants and a few more zebras as we did so to round off a rather enjoyable morning!

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