31 May: Tanda Tula Adult Literacy Programme Going Strong!

At Tanda Tula Safari Camp we understand that there is a huge need for adult literacy throughout South Africa, and everyone needs to play their part to help those that cannot help themselves. As such, Nina Scott (Managing Partner of Tanda Tula) founded an adult literacy programme. The classes, which are headed up by Anne Watt, are focused on reading, writing, comprehension, conversation and general knowledge in the English language.






Within the programme there are three groups: the “First Time Learners”, for our staff who are illiterate, and the “Developing Learners”, for those that have had some form of schooling, but not all have completed their high school education, and finally the ''Advanced Learners''. 

All our staff are invited to join the weekly classes, and it is very special to see how eager everyone is to participate. 

Comments Nina Scott, ''Smiling was the one who inspired me to pursue this program. He was flicking through an Africa Geographic magazine and I asked him what he was reading. He said, ‘No, I can’t read this, it's too hard,  I’m looking at the pictures. So I started the Tanda Tula reading club and had an overwhelming 18 students immediately! The reading club has become a huge motivator for the staff and a wonderful way for me to get to know everyone on a completely different level.  More and more students joined my classes over the last year and I soon realised that I would need help. This was when I approached Anne Watt, who has been instrumental in taking this project from a reading club to a full scale adult literacy program!''. 

Our staff thoroughly enjoy the classes and the feedback we have received from them is fantastic. It was wonderful to have someone as passionate as Anne on board with this project and we look forward to growing it even further. 

Here are a few pictures from a class which was held recently: