21 December: Leopard Bonanza!

Well Hello again! So after our previous drive where Xiviti was camped nearby the lodge we began the morning with high hopes of finding him first thing…sadly we got to the area to find him having  departed so with tracks leading off west Herold and Patrick set off on foot while myself and Herold circled the area.

After 30 minutes or so things were not looking good and we were loosing hope fast when I came round a corner to find him perched in the middle of the road above a river crossing. He was posing so royally in a way that only Xiviti knows how to do offering us some magic photo’s. He soon got up however and headed toward the Ingwelala boundry so I left him giving the other stations a chance to see him before he disappeared. Well the morning got off to a flying start unfortunately that was that for the morning and after seeing Xiviti there was not a whole bunch else happening so we called it a morning and enjoyed a spot of Champagne and Orange juice….tough morning!

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