August 2012

Our guests have had some incredible experiences during July with sightings in and around camp. Buffalo and lion featured highly amongst the highlights but there are some other notable sightings!

The hyena pups at the den on Umlani are growing fast and have just started to lose their black coats and have started to develop the spots characteristic of the spotted hyena.
The spots first start to develop around the neck like a very fashionable scarf! It looks like one has succumbed as three are now seen regularly rather than four, and they are spending an increasing amount of time outside the den even with game vehicles close by. As they get older this familiarisation at an early age will be great for the future viewing  as they develop into adults. The den has become such a popular place for other camps to visit that we have had to cordon off parts of the area to reduce the environmental impact of so much traffic. The hyenas continue to make their presence felt in camp with regular nightly visits, sometimes vocal and other times only detected by their tracks in the morning!