17 July: Activity Update


It has been a great couple of months at Shindzela Tented Camp!

We had loads of big elephant herds coming down for a drink out of the dry river bed, digging for fresh water just a few centimeters beneath the soft river sand… a sight you won’t forget, young and old big and small!

We have been lucky with the lions too. 4 male lions killed a buffalo, about 200 meters away from the camp. For about 3 nights we had lions walking into camp for drink out of the swimming pool. 5 days later we found the same males on another buffalo kill again (we would say that they have mastered hunting buffalo).


But that is not all; we also found 2 female lions with four 5 month old cubs!! What a sighting! Then on safari one morning the 4 male lions (buffalo masters) chased another female lion with her 4 older cubs (about 1 year old)… we do hope that they will be okay.

Another surprise was the pack of 8 wild dogs catching impala at our main dam, finishing it off in about 20 minutes and then off they go again… These guys have got a den site close to our property, so this made for frequent sightings of these precious wild dogs!!

Our little drinking pan in front of camp hosts an abundance of animals coming in for drink, from hyenas to starlings, the zebra and impala to even Kudu’s popping in…. the side stripped jackal and the warthogs take a sip or two… amazing.. we even have a terrapin living there!