14 February: Leopard Sighting on Kill

Over the last few days we have been treated to amazing leopard sightings. This beautiful cat is without a doubt a big favourite for anyone visiting the bush, whether it is for the first time or not.


Some of our guests arrived a few days ago hoping to catch a glimpse of this elusive hunter, and they were not disappointed.
Yesterday we received word of a female leopard on a kill a few kilometres north of our camp, deep in the bush. Guests often comment how effective our ranger and tracker teams are, and yesterday they were put to the test.

They had searched throughout the dense bush for a while checking high and low for any signs, but with no luck. Just when our guests began to feel despondent, our tracker Jack guided them deeper into the bush where there she was, hidden under a thick bush feeding on an impala.

Shortly after she was spotted, she dragged her kill approximately 80 metres and then pulled it up a nearby tree. Our guests were ecstatic as this truly was a fantastic sighting.