13 June: Find One, Find ‘em All

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It is sometimes rather frustrating to see how difficult it can be to find the world’s largest land mammal, especially when for the last few days, there have been signs for them everywhere, but none to be seen by my guests!

So, this morning, I had one mission…find elephants…but, as always, I got distracted when, after again hearing lions and hyenas fighting with one another last night, we picked up tracks for what looked like the Timbavati Pride coming in from Ingwelala.  Thinking that they might not be too far, and hearing that there were more tracks a few kilometres further along, I jumped ahead, found nothing coming out of the block, so dropped Patrick off.  He was no sooner on foot when the four Jacaranda male lions were found with a fresh, fresh buffalo kill!  Patrick Persisted, but in the end, conceded that the tracks he had spent all morning following were likely to actually be for the same lions!

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