10 April: Weekend Viewing


Last weekend delivered some fantastic sightings. The action all took place within a kilometre radius and guests were treated to seeing four large predators within a few hours.

We were lucky enough to see one of the white lionesses from the north who had just fed and was relaxing under a thicket. Unfortunately this didn't allow me a chance for a decent photo, but nonetheless she looked in wonderful condition and it is just a matter of time before a large male takes a serious interest in her.



IMG_8095On the way out of the sighting we bumped into a hyaena who was finishing off the lionesses' leftovers. We carried on down the road only to be called in to view a young male leopard who was lounging around a dry riverbed close by.

The young "Umfaana" male was feeling very photogenic and we managed to capture some great shots of him rolling around and then stalking our vehicle! As we pulled out of this sighting, with a thunderstorm looming, the call came in for a cheetah and her cubs who had been found five minutes away. We couldn't believe our luck and moved on to view this magnificent female who had also recently fed and was quietly calling her cubs to join her.

We left the cheetah to find her youngsters as the soft pitter patter of rain began to fall. All this in an hour and a half!

What a fantastic afternoon.

Text and images by Dale Jackson