10 April: Unique Sighting


A few days ago I was very fortunate to witness a very special moment. A Spotted Bush Snake managed to catch and consume a Foam Nest Tree Frog. This unique sighting took place in our safari camp and both species are fairly prevalent in the area and are seen often.

The frogs enjoy the bar area where they catch small insects under the lights and also cause the odd shriek from an unsuspecting guests when they decide to jump on them! The Bush snake is non venomous and prefers the thick bush where it moves incredibly quickly through the branches.


When I arrived IMG_4518at the sighting, the snake already had the frog in a vice like grip and was fighting with its prey. The Bush Snake is not a true constrictor but rather wrestles its prey into submission before swallowing it whole. The frog was desperately trying to break free but it was a losing battle and finally gave in an hour or so later. The snake consumed the entire frog and looked rather odd with a large blob in the centre of its streamline body.

A wonderfully unique sighting and certainly something you don't see every day!

Text and images by Dale Jackson