08 June: Honey badger vs. Lion!


So the reputation of the tenacious Honey Badger is legendary in the bush and many stories have been told of this creature’s incredible ability to take on adversaries far superior in size and power. I have a number of stories which will attest to this perception and this story, that happened a number of years ago, is one of my favourites. Mid-summer in the Timbavati is a ‘hot’ time of year, and the evening of our story was no different. We had just sat down to dinner with a full camp of guests and the pervasive heat had us rolling up all of the blinds in the dining area and praying for a breath of wind.

Little did we know, so concerned we were about filling our tummies and wiping the sweat from our brows, that some activity was developing within a few paces of the dining area that would have all of our adrenalin pumping only a few minutes later, and would leave one “hard of hearing” guest wondering what on earth he had missed.

Read about the battle here.