05 March: Blue eyes

Little one with Mom

The weekend delivered some wonderful sightings in and around our safari camp with the highlight being Rockfig Junior and her young cub. This is the first decent sighting I have had of the young cub who now looks to be around 3 to 4 months old. Our guests are often in awe when they see the big five, with the leopard being a huge favourite.

This sighting was a really exciting moment for all of us as the youngster slowly trotted behind a very attentive mother. The tiny tot was still a little unsure of the vehicles, and even though we kept our distance, we could see that it had the most beautiful blue eyes. As I was busy manoeuvring the vehicle to allow us to get a good photograph opportunity, one of our guests, Mr Adrie Conradie, managed to get a wonderful sequence of shots of the youngster moving in and around its mother.

Smile for the camera

It was difficult to see the sex of the cub but hopefully mom will be bringing it more often now that it is more mobile and able to travel further afield.

Enjoy the photos and we hope to show you more soon.

Text by Dale Jackson