02 May: Three Large Predators on One Kill!

A few days ago we were treated to a spectacular morning drive, with a number of exceptional sightings. A pack of wild dog were found early in the drive and although we had to take our time to get to the sighting, our patience was rewarded and we were treated to something special. 


As we approached the area, we heard loud 'whoops' from a thicket close by. This was the distinctive call being made by a group of hyaena. We made our way into the bush and found three hyaena tearing into an impala carcass, with the wild dog pack close by engaging in a heated skirmish with the hyaena.

It was fascinating to watch these two predators having a go at each other. The hyaena had the upper hand and were taunting the dogs by charging in at them and then turning back to the safety of the clan. 


At first we thought the dogs had tackled the impala and the hyaena had taken the carcass off them, but in the midst of this fight a young male leopard appeared! While the hyaena and dogs were having a go at each other, he took the opportunity to sneak in and grab some leftovers and high tailed it up a nearby tree! 

We slowly pieced the scene together: The young leopard had killed the impala only to be chased off by the clan of hyaena who tore into the carcass making quite a racket. The dogs must have heard the commotion and made their way towards the kill to investigate. This is when things really kicked off!

 In the end the hyaena triumphed while the leopard managed to get a few scraps. The wild dogs had no choice but to simply go on their way.


 To see these three large predators in one sighting is an incredible experience and one which will not be forgotten. The interaction between them was sensational, and our guests were in awe.

What a morning!

Text and images by Dale Jackson