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Lead 2 Business Lends A Hand To TWPP

Did you know that NGO’s can legally soak up to 80% of donations as running costs? This means that only 20 cents of every donated rand is effectively used to fund the cause. No wonder there are so many organisations out there implying to save the Rhino. With these words Paul White convinced me that the TWPP (Timbavati Wildlife Protection Programme) combined with many other factors is the most effective way to save wildlife. During my week long stay in this resolute wildlife bastion, I could touch the tangible passion and enthusiasm depicted by rangers, management and owners. Suffice to say that I was back with my family and conjured many memories around the smell of a hardwood (Combretum Imberbe) camp fire.

After visiting some of the horrific scenes where these magnificent animals were senselessly slaughtered for their horns, I decided to get my company involved since we wanted to show our clients that were committed to a cause that’s close to everyone’s heart. Always strikes me as ironic that the very instrument evolution issued the rhino to defend himself with is the very reason for its demise.

To bring to light this scourge, in 2015, Leads 2 Business along with Rooftop Production Company, ventured out into the reserve to make a video about the TWPP and their brave heroes (rangers). To be pragmatic about this, donating money is a far cry in comparison to the risk these rangers are taking daily, ‘Heart of a Ranger’ video* is testament to the rangers who put themselves in the firing line protecting our heritage.

In June this year, Leads 2 Business hosted their 11th coveted annual golf day with all proceeds being donated to a charity of choice - TWPP and amongst what was collected with the lion’s share pledged by Leads 2 Business, have generously donated R100 000 towards TWPP.

*To see the video, Heart of a Ranger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5eN3S6Mic0&feature=youtu.be 

Please share this video, the more awareness we can create, the better chance we have of making a difference.

Victor Terblanche

Founder – Leads 2 Business