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A poem for Motswari by Ange Lang

We love hearing encouraging words from guests that visit the Timbavati. To be able to share our wonderful environment with other people is a very special privilege. A guest wrote a poem for Motswari describing their incredible experience.

There is a place...

There is a place we love to go,

Where the pace is very slow,

Where the lion is king of all,

And you hear the hornbills call.

Where the red sun slowly sinks,

That’s when sand grouse come down for drinks.

A place where you could go and see,

A leopard standing in a tree.

And where the leopard stalks its prey,

As impala graze throughout the day.

A place where leopards could have a fight,

A loud, exciting, fearsome sight,

Where they could crash through the bush,

And give one a huge adrenalin rush!

A place where white lion can be found

Lazing casually upon the ground.

And where you could see a lion kill,

And watch it as it eats its fill.

You may even see a lion cub up a tree,

The cutest thing you’ll ever see.

A place where hyena whoop all night long,

And to survive you must be strong.

Where there are lots of cute warthog,

You might even see a few wild dog.

A place where the African sky is just so vast,

And you just want each day to last.

Where the sky just bursts with sparkling stars,

And you can see Venus and Mars.

A place where a fish eagle’s beautiful cry,

Fills your ears and makes you sigh.

And where you wake to the francolin’s squawk,

Where you could see a sparrowhawk.

A place where vultures soar up high,

And where you’ll find the bluest sky.

Where the rhinos shyly hide,

And you watch the bateleur glide.

A place with lots of owls in the dark night,

Their big eyes blinking in the light.

Where bush babies leap through the air,

Agile, daring and making you stare.

A place where a young leopard lies in a river bed,

Waiting for his dinner so he could be fed.

Where he could be chilled, relaxed and posing for shots,

Letting you take pictures that are really hot!

A place where winds could gust and blow,

Making the animals lie sensibly low.

Letting you look for natures soft side,

When you go out on the next game drive.

A place where you could watch vultures on an impala kill,

As they rasp and hiss and eat their fill.

Where they fight, peck and kick with claw,

Watching this would not be a bore.

A place where mating iguana are a rare sight,

And you click your camera with all your might.

Where a black mamba could slither across the road,

And the jeeps tyre could just explode!

A place where you could watch the hyena play,

Whilst drinking your coffee at the start of the day.

Where they could go to your water trough,

And frolic and play, whilst cooling off.

They could whoop all night, calling the rest,

As you listen in bed…’s just the best!

Motswari is that place,

With lots and lots of endless space,

A place we’ve been to in September,

Where we’ve seen things we’ll always remember.

With Johannes and Godfrey we’ve saw the Big 5,

And something amazing on each game drive.

A place where a week just flew by,

And when we left we wanted to cry.

The countdown started for us to pack,

With these memories we’ll be back!